AWS- Z49.1:2012 Safety in Welding and Cutting and Allied Processes


Z49.1:2012 Safety in Welding and Cutting and Allied Processes, AWS, covers all aspects of safety and health in the welding environment, emphasizing oxygen gas and arc welding processes with some coverage given to resistance welding. It contains information on protection of personnel and the general area, ventilation, fire prevention and protection, and confined spaces. 

A significant section is devoted to precautionary information, showing examples, and an extensive bibliography is included. 

Specific provisions for oxyfuel gas and arc welding and cutting, resistance welding, electron beam welding, laser beam cutting and welding, and – new in this edition – brazing and soldering. Generally applicable to other welding processes such as submerged arc welding and allied processes. Contains information useful to educators, industrial hygienists, engineers, and other personnel responsible for safety and health in welding. 

Unions, societies, trade groups, and U.S. military and enforcement agencies – including AWS, Sheet Metal Workers, OSHA, and NIOSH – contributed in the development of this revision of Z49.1. 

68 pages, 1 Table, 4 Figures.

Printed Hard Copy

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