AWS- SHB:1999 Soldering Handbook


SHB:1999 Soldering Handbook, contains information related to soldering processes, and solder joint performance and reliability. Covers soldering fundamentals, technology, materials, substrate materials, fluxes, pastes, assembly processes, inspection, and environment. Covers today's advanced joining applications and emphasizes new materials, including higher strength alloys; predictive performance; computer modeling; advanced inspection techniques; new processing concepts, including laser heating; and the resurgence in ultrasonic soldering. Written by Dr. Paul T. Vianco of Sandia National Laboratories as a project of the AWS C3 Committee on Brazing and Soldering. 

Contents overview:

  • Fundamentals of Soldering Technology
  • Solder Materials
  • Substrate Materials
  • Fluxes
  • Solder Pastes
  • Assembly Processes
  • Inspection Techniques for Product Acceptance and Process Optimization
  • Environmental, Safety, and Health 
  • Annexes 
            A Solution of the Thermal Expansion Mismatch Equations for a Two-Base Material System (Single Joint) Having Isotropic Materials and Temperature-Independent Material             Properties
            B Metallographic Sample Preparation Procedure for Soft Solder Joint Specimens
            C Microstructures of Commonly Used Solder Alloys
            D Use of Thermocouples to Monitor Part Temperatures
            E References

Product details:

  • ISBN 0871716186 
  • Paul T. Vianco, Ph.D.

Printed Hard Copy

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