AWS- EWH-4 Effects of Welding on Health


This literature review has been prepared for the Safety and Health Committee of the American Welding Society to provide an assessment of current knowledge of the effects of welding on health, as well as to aid in the formulation of research projects in this area, as part of an ongoing program sponsored by the Society. Previous work has included studies of the fumes, gases, radiation, and noise generated during various forms of arc welding (see Bibliography). Conclusions based on this review and recommendations for further research are presented in the introductory portions of the report. Section 1 summarizes recent studies of the occupational exposures. Section 2 contains information related to the human health effects of exposure to byproducts of welding operations. Section 3 discusses studies of the effects of welding emissions on laboratory animals and in vitro cell systems. Referenced materials are available from Tracor Jitco, Inc. 1980-1982. ISBN 0-87171-230-X

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