AWS- D18.3/D18.3M:2005 Specification for Welding of Tanks, Vessels, and Other Equipment in Sanitary (Hygienic) Applications


D18.3/D18.3M:2005 Specification for Welding of Tanks, Vessels, and Other Equipment in Sanitary (Hygienic) Applications, presents a detailed discussion of the metallurgical and welding characteristics and weldability of duplex stainless steel used in piping and tubing. A number of tables and graphs are presented in order to illustrate the text ISBN 0-87171-734-4

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API-M:2008 Study Guide for API Standard 1104, Welding of Pipelines and Related Facilities contains information on the use of API Standard 1104, Twentieth Edition, which will assist the student in preparing for using the standard as well as preparing for code-related examinations. Material is provided for each of the 13 sections of the standard and both appendices. Exercise questions and answers are provided for each topic. ISBN 978-0-87171-160-1
Concrete Equipment
Support of Equipment
Static Equipment
Dynamic Equipment
Foundations and Equipment Bases
Foundations and Equipment Bases
Principles, Applications, Equipment
Telecommunications Equipment
Based Methods for Equipment
Anesthetic and Respiratory Equipment
Sports Equipment
Thermal Spray Equipment
Material Handling Equipment
Agricultural Equipment
Joints in Machinery and Equipment
Elements of Equipments
Marking for equipment
welding equipment
Gas welding equipment
Resistance welding equipment
Related Equipment
Resistance Welding Equipment
Electrical Equipme
Heavy Equipment
Personal Protective Equipment
Overall Equipment Effectiveness
Troubleshooting Electrical Equipment
Troubleshooting Electrical Equipment
Overall Equipment Effectiveness
Network Equipment
Clothing and Equipment
Equipment for Wildland Fire
Safety Rope and Equipment
Oil-Burning Equipment
Fighting Foam Equipment
Electrical Equipment 
Materials, Equipment, and Systems
Electrical Equipment
Warning Equipment
Technology Equipment
Electrical Equipment
Systems and Equipment
Machines and Equipment
Process Equipment

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