AWS- C5.7:2000(R2006) Recommended Practices for Electrogas Welding


AWS- C5.7:2000(R2006) Recommended Practices for Electrogas Welding

Electrogas Welding (EGW) is a specialized welding process having similarities to the gas metal arc welding (GMAW) or the flux cored arc welding (FCAW) processes for vertical position welding. The electrode deposits filler metal in the cavity formed by backing plates or shoes that bridge the groove between the plates being welded. The electrode may be solid, metal cored, or flux cored, and additional shielding may or may not be obtained from an externally supplied gas or gas mixture. The weld is usually completed in a single pass. 

Fundamentals of the process, including the various methods of welding, are presented. A discussion of equipment, consumables, applications, and metallurgical advantages and limitations is provided. The selection of process variables and operating conditions and typical EGW procedures is then presented. Inspection of welds, and training and qualification of welding procedures and operators are described. Finally, a troubleshooting guide, safety considerations, and a supplementary reading list are presented. ISBN 0-87171-575-9

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