AWS- A5.9/A5.9M:2006 Bare Stainless Steel Welding Electrodes and Rods w/Errata (Historical)


A5.9/A5.9M:2006 Specification for Bare Stainless Steel Welding Electrodes and Rods w/Errata (Historical), prescribes the requirements for classification of solid and composite stainless steel electrodes (both as wire and strip) for gas metal arc welding, submerged arc welding, and other fusion welding processes. It also includes wire and rods for use in gas tungsten arc welding. Classification is based on chemical composition of the filler metal. Additional requirements are included for manufacture, sizes, lengths, and packaging. A guide is appended to the specification as a source of information concerning the classification system employed and the intended use of the stainless steel filler metal. This specification makes use of both U.S. Customary Units and the International System of Units (SI). Since these are not equivalent, each system must be used independently of the other. ISBN 0871710501

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