AWS- A5.16/A5.16M:2013 Titanium and Titanium-Alloy Welding Electrodes and Rods


A5.16/A5.16M:2013 (ISO 24034:2010 MOD) Specification for Titanium and Titanium-Alloy Welding Electrodes and Rods, prescribes the requirements for the classification of over 30 titanium and titanium-alloy welding electrodes and rods. Classification is based upon the chemical composition of the electrode. Major topics include general requirements, testing, packaging, and application guidelines. 

This specification makes use of both U.S. Customary Units and the International System of Units (SI). Since these are not equivalent, each must be used independently of the other. 

This specification adopts the requirements of ISO 24034 and incorporates the provisions of earlier versions of A5.16/A5.16M, allowing for classifications under both specifications.

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