ASTM-STP583 Surface Texture Versus Skidding: Measurements, Frictional Aspects, and Safety Features of Tire-Pavement Interactions

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STP583 Surface Texture Versus Skidding covers measurements, frictional aspects, and safety features of tire-pavement interaction. Particularly useful for civil engineers, highway designers, automotive engineers, tire technologies and others concerned with highway safety.


  1. Pavement Texture Measurement and Evaluation
  2. Use of Tire Noise as a Measure of Pavement Macrotexture
  3. Pavement Texture Measurement by Laser: A Feasibility Study
  4. Study of the Sand Patch and Outflow Meter Methods of Pavement Surface Texture Measurement
  5. Design of Texture in Standard Surfaces
  6. Mathematical Analysis for Pneumatic Tire Hydroplaning
  7. Interactive Tire Designs
  8. Estimation of Skid Numbers from Surface Texture Parameters in the Rational Design of Standard Reference Pavements for Test Equipment Calibration
  9. Pavement Surface Information Needs in Accident Investigation
  10. Texture, Skid Resistance, and the Stability of Automobiles in Limit Maneuvers

DATE: 1975
PAGES: 156
FORMAT:  Hardcopy