ASQ-T1653-2009 Building From the Basics: Quality Pocket of Knowledge (QPoK)


Looking for a comprehensive resource explaining basic quality tools that fits in your back pocket? Get the Building From the Basics: Quality Pocket of Knowledge (QPoK) from ASQ.

Based on a series of articles originally appearing in Quality Progress magazine, this pocket-sized fold-out provides succinct information on the seven basic quality tools: histograms, control charts, Pareto analysis, check sheets, scatter plots, stratification, and cause and effect diagrams. The QPoK comes completely self-contained with the knowledge you and your team need to use the tools (including easy-to-understand examples) so that you can do your job more efficiently, analyze data faster, and help ensure your organization’s commitment to quality.

Attractively priced so you can buy one for yourself, your team, or even your entire organization! Make quality and continuous improvement easier to understand and apply with the Building From the Basics 

  • QPoK today!
  • 2009
  • Softcover
  • Dimensions: 3 x 4
  • Item Number: T1653