• ASQ-P1556-2014 Beyond Lean Production: Emphasizing Speed and Innovation to Beat the Competition


    It is estimated that U.S. manufacturers are is currently operating at only 65 percent effectiveness in implementing Lean production. Covering the fundamentals needed to be competitive in today’s marketplace, Beyond Lean Production: Emphasizing Speed and Innovation to Beat the Competitionprovides readers with the tools to help their organizations achieve 100 percent effectiveness in Lean production.

    Explaining that overseas factories can't compete with U.S. factories in speed of delivery to domestic customers, the book provides the understanding required to add speed and urgency in all that you do in the office and the factory. It explains how to eliminate waste so you can meet and even exceed your customers’ expectations regarding service, quality, and cost.

    The book is organized into two phases. The first phase, Holding Actions, covers the fundamentals needed to hold your position against the competition until you can implement the methods described in phase II of the book. It presents 12 little-known tools and strategic weapons that you can immediately put to use to improve on your current competitive position. Phase II, The Business Command Center, presents unique and powerful concepts that can be used with the fundamentals covered in phase I.

    Explaining how to use speed as a competitive weapon, the book will help you to remove the obstacles that interfere with continuous flow manufacturing. It presents the concept of circulatory management that can put a stop to the ever-increasing layers of management with decreasing ownership.

    By implementing the holding action and the business command center described in this book, you can significantly improve your odds of beating the competition at home and overseas.

    Lewandowski, Roger G.
    108 pages
    Dimensions: 6 x 9
    Item Number: P1556
    ISBN: 978148221-582-3