ASQ-P1271-2006 Resource Management: The Art of Excelling in Resource Management

Resource Management Excellence offers clear and thorough explanations of the critical tools for creating organizational excellence. In this fifth book of the comprehensive Five Pillars of Organizational Excellence series, respected authority H. James Harrington examines every resource available to your organization, from the executive level to staff and outside partners, and recommends ways to make each a world-class component. Resource management is one of the most critical activities at the heart of any organization, and this book offers a strategic planning approach to creating participative management leadership, analyzing human capital, maintaining alliance partnerships and flexible support technology, and managing financial resources. Stakeholder measurements and issues of good governance are also discussed.

The Five Pillars of Organizational Excellence series includes Process Management Excellence, Project Management Excellence, Change Management Excellence, Knowledge Management Excellence, and Resource Management Excellence. The processes discussed in each book are designed to permanently change an organization by fostering a learning culture while maintaining the procedures and structure that ensure optimum performance. Managing all five pillars simultaneously is the key to success. 

Product details:
  • H. James Harrington
  • ISBN: 9781932828122
  • Item Number: P1271
  • 184 pages
  • Dimensions: 7 x 9