ASQ-H1297-2007 The Quality Rubric: A Systematic Approach for Implementing Quality Principles and Tools in Classrooms and Schools

The Quality Rubric teaches readers about “quality in education” and provides a comprehensive framework that can be used to guide the gradual deployment of quality values, principles, tools, and techniques throughout your learning system. You will learn specific actions that can be taken in each of four performance levels to help you and your colleagues implement a quality education system in your classrooms, schools, and district. When good quality learning is combined with clear expectations, a method of tracking deployment, and appropriate recognition, real improvement can be expected.

This book is designed to:
  • Teach some of the most powerful quality in education concepts and tools to relative newcomers to this exciting field
  • Position the learning within an integrated systems framework that provides a logical “flow” to the work
  • Provide a mechanism that encourages the establishment of high expectations for deployment of the learning
  • Establish a measurement device that can be used to track gradual implementation of the principles, tools, and techniques in your classrooms and schools
  • Readers include any and all involved in PreK-12 education, including teachers, administrators, and school board members. 
Though the book is intended for individuals who may know little or nothing about “quality in education,” its words also will be of interest to quality veterans who have become discouraged at the slow rate at which their quality training is being implemented in classrooms and schools.

Product details:
  • ISBN: 9780873897037
  • Steve Benjamin
  • 2007
  • 112 pages
  • Softcover
  • Item Number: H1297