ASQ-H1252-2006 The Weibull Analysis Handbook, Second Edition

The purpose of this book is to provide practitioners with the tools necessary to utilize the Weibull distribution for modeling, analysis and problem solving. The book includes both basic and advanced concepts. The underlying theme of keeping the presentations simple was followed throughout the book, thus a minimum of mathematical theory is presented. Step by step examples are used to illustrate each technique presented. Practitioners will find easy to follow roadmaps guiding them through every step of an analysis. Since many practitioners are more interested in results rather than how to perform calculations, the majority of roadmaps have been incorporated into a computer program contained on an accompanying CD-ROM (Windows 95 or later). The CD-ROM also includes solutions to most of the examples in the text in Microsoft Excel templates, a user’s guide for the Weibull software, and statistical tables.

This second edition includes more explanation on the benefits and weaknesses of the competing methods for parameter estimation, and tips for which method to use in a given situation. A chapter has been added to address data sets with few or no failures. This chapter also includes a discussion of test design and an algorithm for financially optimizing durability tests.

This book has been written in a manner to accommodate both the novice and the experienced engineer or statistician. The novice can apply the techniques presented by reading the assumptions and application requirements, while the veteran can gain more understanding by reading the mathematical details of the technique.

Product details:
  • Bryan Dodson
  • 2006
  • 184 pages
  • Item Number: H1252
  • ISBN: 9780873896672