ASQ-H1151 2003 Statistical Quality Control Using Excel, Second Edition

Would you like to learn more about using Excel? Are you looking for an easier way to solve statistical quality control problems? Statistical Quality Control (SQC) experts Steven Zimmerman and Marjorie Icenogle have updated their guide that combines the power of each into this one integrated book and CD-ROM. While this introduction to SQC is for beginners to either quality or to the software product Excel, those with a more advanced knowledge of SQC and Excel will also find this book valuable to incorporate the two.

New versions of Excel make creating quality control spreadsheets easier than ever. This new edition contains spreadsheets for: exponential weighted moving average charts, moving sum of the sample statistic control charts, cumulative sum charts, reliability problems, and information on using the Pivot Table and Pivot Chart functions in Excel.

This guide begins with introductions to the concepts of SQC and the use of spreadsheets. A review of Excel's features is followed by explanations of statistical distribution, outliers, and the analysis required for SQC methods. Basic statistical process control methods such as p and np control charts, c and u control charts, and Pareto charts are demonstrated. Descriptions on acceptance sampling methods including binomial and hypergeometric distributions and average outgoing quality curves are also offered. Also new to this package is direction on using Excel in PowerPoint presentations. Practice problems, definitions of key terms, detailed graphics, and end-of-chapter summaries help make this book an outstanding tool to combine SQC with Excel software.

Product details:
  • Marjorie L. Icenogle, Ph.D. and Steven M. Zimmerman, Ph.D.
  • 2003
  • 430 pages
  • Softcover
  • Item Number: H1151
  • Dimensions: 7 x 10
  • ISBN: 9780873895668