ASNT-1532-PTP Personnel Training Publications: Ultrasonic Testing (UT) Programmed Instruction Series


A self-study review for Level I and II candidates, Personnel Training Publications: Ultrasonic Testing (UT) Programmed Instruction Series provides in-depth, up-to-date coverage of ultrasonic testing (UT), including time of flight diffraction, phased array, electromagnetic acoustic transducers, laser UT and guided wave. A computer-assisted training program on the CD accompaniment provides an interactive review of the material in both print volumes. Key features of the print volumes include chapter previews and summaries, quiz questions with explanations of right and wrong answers, and 50+ multiple-choice self-tests. The computer-assisted training program offers easy-to-use navigation with streamlined slide content and interactive questions that provide immediate feedback. Links to previous slides allow a quick review of material for wrong answers. Comprehensive self-tests give a percentage score along with areas missed for further study.

Additional Details

  • Item Number: 1532
  • Softcover, Two Volumes