ASNT-1186 1996 Basic Metallurgy for Non-Destructive Testing, revised edition

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Useful to those requiring an understanding of metallurgy. Basic Metallurgy for Non-Destructive Testing covers: 11 articles first published in the British Journal for Non-Destructive Testing about basic metallurgy for non-destructive testing.


  1. Solidification and Crystallinity
  2. Atoms, Bonds and Crystal Structure
  3. Equilibrium Diagrams
  4. The Iron-Carbon Diagram and the Hardening of Steel
  5. Fusion Welding of Steel and Stainless Steels
  6. Defects in Fusion Welds
  7. The Formation of Flaws in Steel Castings
  8. Deformation, Strengthening Mechanicsms and Annealing
  9. Defects in Steel Forgings
  10. Mechanical Testing
  11. Fracture Mechanics
  12. Oxidation and Corrosion of Metals and Alloys
  13. The Metallographic Examination of Metals

  • ASNT Item Number: 1186
  • Published: 1996
  • Softcover
  • Pages: 87
  • ISBN: 0903132222