ASM-06347G-V09-1985 ASM Handbook Volume 9: Metallography and Microstructures (1985 Edition)

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ASM-06347G-V09-1985 ASM Handbook Volume 9: Metallography and Microstructures
Note: The 2004 Edition contains updated and expanded coverage of most of the topics included in this volume. You get more than 60 articles, 3,263 micrographs and illustrations, and mini-atlases of the microstructures of major industrial metals and alloys. The principles and practice of optical, scanning electron and transmission electron microscopy are discussed in detail. More than 30 articles present how-to information on specific preparation techniques for specimens of most industrial metals and alloys.

Each article is followed by a series of representative micrographs that show both normal and abnormal structures under different processing conditions. Plus, there's a special color metallography section.

ASM Handbook Volume 09: Metallography, Microstructures (1985 Ed.) includes: Metallographic Techniques, Metallographic Techniques and Microstructures--Specific Metals and Alloys, Structures.

Classified as:

  • Industries and Applications | Renewable Energy
  • Materials Processing and Treatment | Powder Metallurgy
  • Materials Testing and Evaluation | Metallography and Microstructures
  • Metals and Alloys | Carbon and Alloy Steels
  • Metals and Alloys | Precious Metals
  • Metals and Alloys | Refractory Metals

Published: 1985
Pages: 775
Tables: 137
Format: Hardbound

ISBN: 0871700158

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