ASM-06832C-CD-2001 Metals Handbook Desk Edition (CD)

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ASM's most popular Handbook available in convenient CD format.

  • Easy click-and-go navigation
  • Fast searching and easy access
  • Searchable high-resolution figures
  • Contains complete text and figures
  • No yearly maintenance fees
System Requirements:
PC compatible computer running Win95B or more recent operating system, 40 MB local drive space, and 32 MB RAM. Licensed to a Single Workstation

  • Powerful searching: Developed in conjunction with ASM's software partner, Granta Design, and based on the Microsoft® Internet Explorer 5 Web browser, the navigation and display software provides access to more than 2800 pages-worth of information and data.
  • Easy as web browsing: Click-and-go navigation provides access to information from an expandable table of contents. Powerful and flexible searching capabilities enable quick targeted access to exactly the information needed.
  • High-resolution graphics: Every graphic from the printed edition is included and can be zoomed and resized separately to show details. Information can be read on-screen, or printed as needed.
  • Contains 60% new information: We've taken ASM's best-selling book and made it even better! The Second Edition contains about 60% new and improved information published in ASM Handbooks—making this the definitive Desk Edition.

  • General Information
  • Irons, Steels and High-Performance Alloys
  • Nonferrous Alloys and Special Purpose Materials
  • Processing
  • Testing, Inspection, Characterization and Quality Control
Publisher: ASM International
Published: December 01, 2001
ISBN: 9780871707345

CD    |   Product code: 06832C   |   ISBN: 978-0-87170-734-5