ASM-06543G-V7-1998 Handbook Volume 7: Powder Metal Technologies and Applications

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ASM Handbook, Volume 7, Powder Metal Technologies and Applications, is your single source for practical engineering information on sintering practices, tool design, P/M metallography, dimensional control, part design, powders, binders, lubricants, and the processing, properties, and performance of P/M materials in different production technologies and applications.

Completely updated and expanded edition in all areas of powder production, sampling, characterization, shaping, consolidation, sintering, quality control, machining, heat treating, and P/M applications.

Comprehensive coverage of P/M technologies and applications including warm compaction, injection molding, rapid prototyping, thermal spray forming, reactive sintering, and P/M gears, bearings, high-performance parts, composites, machine parts, electric contacts, magnetic materials, metallic foams, hardfacing powders, automotive parts, and more.

  • Publisher: ASM International
  • Published: 1998
  • Pages: 1146
  • ISBN: 9780871703873