ASM-06153G-1989 Electronic Materials Handbook Volume 1: Packaging

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Electronic Materials Handbook Volume 1: Packaging is an authoritative reference source of practical information on the materials and processes of microelectronic packaging. Its 117 articles offer the collective knowledge, wisdom, and judgment of 407 expert microelectronics packaging authors, co-authors, and reviewers. This multi-author approach ensures the best, most timely information throughout. Panels of experts reviewed each article for technical accuracy, generic point of view, and completeness. A glossary of terms and definitions common to this field will be a much used reference source.

Sections: Design and Materials Component and Discrete Chip Mounting Technologies Hybrids and Higher-Level Integration Packages Printed Wiring Boards Soldering and Mounting Technology Conformal Coatings and Encapsulants Quality Control, Quality Assurance, and Electrical Evaluation Failure Analysis Advanced Composite Packaging Materials. Published: 1989 Pages: 1224 Format: Hardbound

Published: August 20, 1989
ISBN: 9780871702852

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