ASM-06012G-1990 Engineered Materials Handbook Volume 3: Adhesives and Sealants

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ASM Engineered Materials Handbook Series

97 articles represent the efforts of more than 300 contributing authors and reviewers. The result is the most thorough review of the selection, design, properties, and uses of structural adhesives and sealants.

The broad range of technical information presented in this volume is divided into 10 major sections including: an overview of adhesives and sealants technology, a description of the major market and application areas, classification and comparison of various adhesives and sealants, surface preparation/considerations for adherents (metals, plastics, composites, and ceramics and glasses).

Methods used to test and analyze bonded structures; determination of mechanical properties (fatigue, fracture, etc.); physical characteristics (thermal and electrical); and microstructural analysis.

Designing with adhesives and sealants; the performance of adhesively bonded components in various service environments; manufacturing practices associated with adhesives and sealants (including curing and cure controls), and equipment used for mixing and dispensing, quality control, and repair recommendations are covered 

Engineered Materials Handbook Volume 3: Adhesives and Sealants covers: * Fundamentals of adhesives and sealants technology * Adhesives materials * Surface considerations * Testing and analysis * Designing with adhesives and sealants * Environmental effects * Manufacturing use * Nondestructive inspection and quality control * Bonded structure repair * Index 

Publisher: ASM International
Published: 1990
Pages: 893
ISBN: 9780871702814

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