ASM-05436G-2014 Green Tribology, Green Surface Engineering, and Global Warming

Green Tribology, Green Surface Engineering, and Global Warming describes green engineering concepts to improve energy efficiency by reducing energy losses due to friction and wear in metalworking operations and by extending component life.
Tribology is the science of wear, friction, and lubrication of interacting surfaces in relative motion. Friction and wear result in material and heat loss from the interacting surfaces, thus reducing the efficiency of energy-transformation processes. Green tribological studies seek to improve energy efficiency by reducing friction and wear losses.

Green engineering efforts have expanded significantly in recent years. There has been phenomenal growth in research activities in green tribology and surface engineering, including recent world conferences and articles devoted to surface modification technologies for green tribology.

This book covers the unique techno-ecologically viable concept of green engineering. It will be of significant interest to engineers and technologists who must find new ways to increase process efficiency and extend component life. This book is intended as a general reference and text book at the graduate level.

One of the first books dealing with the improvements in energy efficiency in all engineering sectors revolving around tribology that can substantially reduce greenhouse gas emission. Dr. Ramnarayan Chattopadhyay has accomplished a commendable job by bringing out his outstanding contribution. He has broadly divided the book in five broad chapters covering global warming, green tribology, green surface engineering, life cycle assessments and tribological applications. I would like to congratulate the author for this unique contribution to science of tribology by unfolding the profound significance of green tribology and green engineering.

Author: Ramnarayan Chattopadhyay
Published: 2014
Pages: 300
ISBN: 9781627080644