ASM-05363G-2013 Understanding How Components Fail, 3rd Edition. ASM

One of the first books new engineers and technicians should read. Understanding How Components Fail, 3rd Edition preserves the core of the previous editions, focusing on the metallurgical and materials evaluation for failure mode identification. Comprehensive information covering the basic principles and practices are clearly explained.

Explanations of recent technical advances and new analysis tools have been added:
  • Fatigue striation counting, modeling, and crack rate prediction
  • Failures caused by microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC)
  • Failures in elevated temperature environments 

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: A metallurgical consultant in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Donald J. Wulpi studied and analyzed failures of metal parts for more than 45 years. A graduate of Lehigh University, with a degree in metallurgical engineering, he spent most of his working life in several metallurgical laboratories of the International Harvester Co., now Navistar International Corporation. In retirement, Mr. Wulpi devoted himself to teaching the principles of failure analysis at the ASM International headquarters, in Materials Park, Ohio, and at various companies throughout the United States. He testified as an expert witness in product litigation cases for many years.                                                                                 

ABOUT THE EDITOR:  Brett Miller is a metallurgical engineer with degrees from the Missouri University of Science and Technology and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  He is a registered Professional Engineer in several states.  For over 28 years Brett has worked as a failure analyst, metallurgist and expert witness, completing thousands of failure analysis investigations.  He has authored numerous publications including book chapters and journal articles.  Brett has been active in ASM International since 1984, and is a former chairman of the ASM Failure Analysis Committee.  He is also active in NACE International and AWS.  He has experience in aerospace, oilfield and commercial laboratories.  Brett is currently the Technical Director at IMR Metallurgical Services in Louisville, Kentucky.

Publisher: ASM International
Author: Donald J. Wulpi
Editor: Brett Miller
Published: November 30, 2013
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 310
Product code: 05363G
ISBN: 9781627080149