ASM-05339G-2014 Medical Device Materials Book Bundle

ASM is the world's most authoritative source for materials knowledge.  Through products and services for the medical device industry, we give you the information you need to succeed. In this bundle you'll receive 8 of ASM's most popular publications on materials for medical devices! Stock your library now and save.

Items in this Bundle include:

  • Materials and Coatings for Medical Devices: Cardiovascular - 05269G
  • The Bactericidal and Oligodynamic Action of Silver and Copper in Hygiene, Medicine an Water Treatment - 05228G
  • Biomaterials in Orthopaedic Surgery - 05233G
  • Handbook of Materials for Medical Devices - 06974G
  • Medical Device Materials V: Proceedings from the 2009 Materials & Processes for Medical Devices Conference - 05299G 
  • Biomedical Materials - 05290G
  • Medical Device Materials IV: Proceedings of the 2007 Materials and Processes for Medical Devices Conference, Palm Desert, CA USA  - 05219Z
Medical Device Materials III: Proceedings of the Materials & Processes for Medical Devices Conference (November 6-10, 2005, Boston, Massachusetts, USA) - 05153G
Published: December 04, 2014