ASM-05281G-22B ASM Handbook Volume 22B: Metals Process Simulation

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ASM-05281G-22B ASM Handbook Volume 22B: Metals Process Simulation
ASM Handbook Volume 22B: Metals Process Simulation provides insight into the integration of modeling for metals process simulation of manufacturing processing. The metals industry is moving toward an integrated computational materials engineering approach (ICME). This provides engineers with accurate predictions of material and process behavior to avoid or reduce costly trial-by-error and prototyping methods of development. The table of contents illustrates the depth and breadth of the processes addressed. This area of engineering has been advancing rapidly, accruing the benefits of reduced manufacturing costs and improved component design. This book serves as a reference to these developments.

Condensed Table of Contents:

  1. Input Data for Simulations -Flow Stress Measurements, Thermophysical Properties of Solids and Liquids, Thermophyscial Properties (and Their Determination) for Solidification Models Grain Boundary Energy and Mobility, Crystallographic Texture, 3D Microstructure Representation, Solid Models for Simulation
  2. Simulation of Deformation Processes - FEM, Slab, and Upper Bound Methods for Deformation Processes, Forging,Bending and Forming Processes, Simulation and Modeling of Powder Metallurgy Processes, Press and Sinter P/M, Modeling of HIP, M/P Injection Molding, Compaction Modeling, Process Modeling of Higher-Density Consolidation
  3. Simulation of Solidification - Computational Analysis of the VAR and ESR Processes, Porosity during Solidification, Simulation of Casting and Solidification Processes, Cellular-automata Models for Solidification Processes, Solidification Heat Transfer Simulations, Simulation of Fluid Flow and Heat/Mass Transfer
  4. Modeling of Solidification Microstructures, Transport Phenomena for during Solidification Processes, Microstructure and texture formation during solidification
  5. Simulation of Machining Processes - Shearing and Blanking, Orthogonal cutting/chip formation (Includes Simulation of machining residual stresses),
  6. Machining Distortion in Nickel-Base Disks
  7. Simulation of Joining Operations - Integrated Weld Modeling, Simulation of Joining Operations, Rotational Welding, FSW, Diffusion Bonding, Additive Manufacturing Processes
  8. Simulation of Heating and Heat Treatment - Computerized Properties Prediction and Technology Planning in Heat Treatment of Steels, Heating and Heat-Flow Simulation, Quenching, Residual Stress Formation, and Quench Cracking, Stress-Relief, Induction Heating, Surface Treatments, Shot-peening Processes
  9. Induction Heat Treatment, Diffusion Coating Techniques
  10. Simulation of Phase Diagrams and Transformations - Application of Thermodynamic and Material Property Modeling to Process Simulation of Industrial Alloys, Commercial Alloy Phase Diagrams and Industrial Applications,Quantitative Prediction of Transformation Hardening in Steels
  11. Integration of Modeling and Simulation in Design - Design Optimization Methodologies, Propagation of Errors and Managing Uncertainty
  12. Glossary
  13. Index 

This Volume joins the companion, Volume 22A, Fundamentals of Modeling for Metals Processing to provide a complete authoritative reference for the modeling practitioner, or the student or engineer beginning their quest for information.

Classified as:

  • Materials Processing and Treatment | Forging
  • Materials Processing and Treatment | Forging
  • Materials Testing and Evaluation | Computational Materials Engineering
  • Metals and Alloys

Publisher: ASM International
Published: November 01, 2010
Pages: 724
ISBN: 9781615030057
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