ASM-05145G-13C ASM Handbook Volume 13C: Corrosion: Environments and Industries

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ASM- 05145G-13C ASM Handbook Volume 13C: Corrosion: Environments and Industries

Corrosion affects a significant portion of the world economy--the direct cost of corrosion has been estimated to be 2% of the Gross World Product. Corrosion: Environments and Industries addresses how corrosion impacts specific segments of the world economy--by environment and by industrial sector. ASM Handbook Volume 13C: Corrosion: Environments and Industries provides you with answers to corrosion problems affecting your industry, and provides ways to address corrosion issues in the environments that your equipment experiences.

Over 250 leading authorities in the field of corrosion have written or reviewed articles in this Volume. This Volume completes the three-volume update of the landmark 1987 Metals Handbook volume on corrosion. The companion works are ASM Handbook, Volume 13A: Corrosion: Fundamentals, Testing, and Protection, and ASM Handbook, Volume 13B: Corrosion: Materials. These three volumes together provide a powerful resource for understanding corrosion and lessening the direct and indirect cost of corrosion.

The Volume consists of two main sections:

  1. "Corrosion in Specific Environments" addresses a broad range of industrial and nonindustrial environments. Expanded coverage is provided on fresh water (including high-purity water systems), marine environments, underground environments, and the considerations in military environments. This section also has new articles on environments that range from cold climates to the environments that can degrade works of art in museums and collections.
  2. "Corrosion in Specific Industries" includes fossil fuel and nuclear power; land and air transportation, petrochemical; pulp and paper; microelectronics; and many more. Expanded coverage is provided for biomedical applications. This section will be of interest whether or not you are engaged in these specific industries. The lessons learned in these industries with regard to material selection and preventive measures have wide applications. 
  • Publisher: ASM International
  • Published: 2006
  • Pages: 1137
  • ISBN: 9780871707093
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