ASCE-41359 - Geo-Hubei 2014: Sustainable Civil Infrastructure—Innovative Technologies and Materials


Edited by Dar-Hao Chen and Shu-Rong Yang 2014 / 1543 pp. / CD-ROM

Selected papers from the proceedings of the Geo-Hubei 2014 International Conference on Sustainable Civil Infrastructure, held in Yichang, Hubei, China, July 20-22, 2014. Sponsored by the China Three Gorges University, the Committee on Sustainability of ASCE, and the Geo-Institute of ASCE.

These 12 Geotechnical Special Publications contain 193 peer-reviewed papers on efficient and sustainable practices in geotechnical and transportation engineering. The collection contains the following GSPs: 

  • GSP 244, Application of Nanotechnology in Pavements, Geological Disasters, and Foundation Settlement Control Technology. Edited by Dharamveer Singh, Lubinda F. Walubita, Jeongho Oh, and Kun Li
  • GSP 245, Innovative and Sustainable Use of Geomaterials and Geosystems. Edited by Jason Y. Wu, Sao-Jeng Chao, Kaoshan Dai, and Shu-Rong Yang
  • GSP 246, Design, Analysis, and Asphalt Material Characterization for Road and Airfield Pavements. Edited by Jeffrey L. Lee, Zahid Hossain, and Xiaodi Hu
  • GSP 247, Analysis, Design, and Construction of Tunnels and Underground Structure. Edited by Jinyuan Liu, Shong-Loong Chen, and Junsheng Yang
  • GSP 248, Characterization, Modeling, and Evaluation of Geotechnical Engineering Systems. Edited by Louis Ge, James C. Ni, Antonio Gomes Correia, and Mingzhou Bai
  • GSP 249, Recent Developments in Evaluation of Pavements and Paving Materials. Edited by Rafiqul A. Tarefder, Jiong Hu, Musharraf Zaman, and Dar-Hao Chen
  • GSP 250, Advances in Transportation Geotechnics and Materials for Sustainable Infrastructure. Edited by Rifat Bulut and Sung-Chi Hsu
  • GSP 251, Design, Construction, and Maintenance of Bridges. Edited by Sarah Skorpen and Albert Y. Chen
  • GSP 252, Earthwork Project Management, Slope Stability Analysis, and Wave-Based Testing Techniques. Edited by Shen-En Chen, Dave Ta-The Chang
  • GSP 253, Recent Advances in Material, Analysis, Monitoring, and Evaluation in Foundation and Bridge Engineering. Edited by Wen-Cheng Liao, Jia-Ruey Chang, and Guodong Zhang
  • GSP 254, Pavement Performance, Monitoring, Modeling, and Management. Edited by Wynand JvdM Steyn, Xianhua Chen, and BooHyun "Boo" Nam
  • GSP 255, Advanced Characterization of Asphalt and Concrete Materials. Edited by Yusuf Mehta, Rongbin Han, and Mansour Soliamanian.

These papers will be of interest to both researchers and practitioners involved in geotechnical engineering for transportation infrastructure.

Stock No. 41359 / ISBN: 9780784413593