ASCE-40605 Solutions to Coastal Disasters 2002 (Video Presentation)


Edited by Lesley Ewing and Louise Wallendorf - 2002 / Soft Cover / 1040 pp.  
Proceedings of the Solutions to Coastal Disasters 2002 Conference, held in San Diego, California, February 24-27, 2002. Sponsored by the Coasts, Oceans, Ports, and Rivers Institute of ASCE; National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration; Coastal States Organization; American Association of State Flood Plain Managers. 

ASCE-40605 Solutions to Coastal Disasters 2002 contains 83 papers presenting state-of-the-art information on coastal storms, seismic events, impacts of climate change, and shoreline change. Topics include:

  • Causes: the research and study of forces and processes that cause or contribute to coastal disasters;
  • Response Mitigation Strategies: the development of methods and strategies to prevent or decrease the adverse effects of coastal disasters;
  • Design and Engineering: detailed examination of engineering approaches to coastal hazards and mitigation, and the consequences of these approaches; and
  • Coastal Management: the policies, planning, and management efforts to minimize or avert coastal disasters

Stock No. 40605 / ISBN: 9780784406052