ASCE-40436 - Coastal Sediments '99 (Video Presentation)


ASCE-40436 - Coastal Sediments '99 
Edited by Nicholas C. Kraus and William G. McDougal - 1999 / 2680 pp. / Softcover 
Proceedings of the Fourth International Symposium on Coastal Engineering and Science of Coastal Sediment Processes, held in Long Island, New York, June 21-23, 1999.

ASCE-40436 - Coastal Sediments '99 contains more than 180 peer-reviewed papers that promote a broad exchange of state-of-the-art information and views among specialists in the fields of coastal engineering, geology, oceanography, and related disciplines. Focusing on the physical aspects of the sediment processes in coastal and inlet environments, these papers provide a valuable source of information from the latest research to the newest engineering applications.

Topics include:

  • sediment budgets,
  • longshore transport,
  • cross-shore transport,
  • bars,
  • inlet morphology,
  • inlet engineering,
  • spits,
  • beach fill,
  • depth of closure shore protection,
  • navigation channels,
  • dredged material fate,
  • sheet flow,
  • suspended sediments,
  • swash processes, and
  • cliff processes.

Papers describe basic approaches, field data collection, mathematical and physical models, instrumentation, case studies, engineering approaches, and application of general methodologies.

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