ACI-CCS-1(10) Slabs on Ground (Video Presentation)

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ACI-CCS-1(10) Slabs on Ground

The concrete craftsman can greatly influence the quality, durability, and appearance of the finished product. ACI-CCS-1(10) Slabs on Ground presents information on concrete that should be useful to concrete craftsmen and deals mainly with construction practices relating to slabs-on-ground. This information can be used to train concrete craftsmen and is especially useful for those interested in earning credentials as ACI certified finishers. Information in this manual is a guide to good practice but does not supersede the provisions in the plans and specifications for any project. If provisions in the plans and specifications vary from the guidance given in this manual, discuss the variances with the design professional. For more detailed information, also read ACI 302.1R, “Guide for Concrete Floor and Slab Construction,” and other documents listed in the reference section of this manual. Prior editions of this manual included a considerable amount of information on concrete materials and testing. For expanded coverage of materials and testing information, the reader is referred to The Contractor’s Guide to Quality Concrete Construction (ASCC-1), published jointly by the American Society of Concrete Contractors (ASCC) and ACI. This manual was first issued under the guidance of the ACI Educational Activities Committee in 1982 as the first book in the ACI Concrete Craftsman Series. A second edition was approved and issued in 1994. Since1987, when ACI launched the Concrete Flatwork Finisher/Technician certification program, ACI has been using this document as the primary reference for that program. The certification program was designed to provide a basis for certifying concrete finishers and to improve the quality of concrete construction. As a result of program growth, more than 7500 people have become certified Concrete Flatwork Finishers/Technicians.Some major retailers now specify that contractors constructing concretefloors for their stores have certified ACI Flatwork Finishers on site performing the work.

ACI Committee 301, Specifications for Concrete, took a major step toward formally recognizing the value of using ACI-certified finishers and technicians when, in 2002, they approved language in ACI 301, “Specifications for Concrete,” that states in part, “…Unless otherwise permitted, a minimum of one finisher or finishing supervisor shall be a certified ACI Flatwork Finisher/Technician or a certified Flatwork Technician as defined in ACI CP-10 or equivalent.” This was the first time ACI Committee 301 had included language requiring the use of qualified flatwork finishers for concrete placement.

ARCOM, a partner of the American Institute of Architects, also includes optional language in their MASTERSPEC® Specification System requiring cast-in-place concrete installers to be certified ACI Flatwork Finishers and Technicians, and installer supervisors to also be certified ACI Flat-work Technicians.


Chapter 1—Planning for slab-on-ground placement

Chapter 2—Concrete materials, mixture proportioning, and control tests

Chapter 3—Preparation before placing concrete

Chapter 5—Placing equipment

Chapter 6—Placing and finishing tools and equipment

Chapter 7—Procedures for finishing slabs-onground

Chapter 8—Jointing

Chapter 9—Curing and protection of concrete


Publication Year: 2010

Pages: 68

ISBN: 9780870313585

Categories: Construction Practices, Slabs

Formats: Printed Document


Concrete Floor and Slab Construction

Concrete Slabs

Design of Slab-Column Connections

Design of Slabs-on-Ground

Shear Reinforcement for Slabs

Concrete Slab Systems

Supported Beams and Slabs