ACI-546.2R-10 Guide to Underwater Repair of Concrete

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ACI-546.2R-10 Guide to Underwater Repair of Concrete provides guidance on the selection and application of materials and methods for the repair and strengthening of concrete structures under water. An overview of materials and methods for underwater repair is presented as a guide for making a selection for a particular application. References are provided for additional information about selected materials and construction methods.


Chapter 1—General

Chapter 2—Notation and definitions

Chapter 3—Causes of deterioration

Chapter 4—Investigation and evaluation

Chapter 5—Preparation for repair

Chapter 6—Formwork

Chapter 7—Materials and methods

Chapter 8—Inspection of repairs

Chapter 9—References


Publication Year: 2010

Pages: 32

ISBN: 9780870313837

Categories: Repair

Formats: PDF

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