ACI-423.7-07 Specification for Unbonded Single-Strand Tendon Materials and Commentary

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ACI-423.7-07 Specification for Unbonded Single-Strand Tendon Materials and Commentary provides materials criteria and fabrication requirements for unbonded single-strand tendons used in nonaggressive and aggressive environments. This Specification is not intended to apply to nonstructural elements and applications, which might include topping slabs, waterproofing slabs-on-fill, and posttensioning used only for control of cracking or deflection. For nonflexural or membrane type structures primarily under tensile forces, the provisions apply where appropriate.


Part 1—General



1.3—Referenced standards/R1.3—Cited references

1.4—System description



1.7—Handling, storage, and shipping

Part 2—Products

2.1—Prestressing steel

2.2—Post-tensioning coating


2.4—Anchorages and couplers

2.5—Tendons in aggressive environments

2.6—Anchorage assembly testing

Foreword to checklists

Mandatory requirements checklist

Optional requirements checklist


Author: Joint ACI/ASCE Committee 423

Publication Year: 2007

Pages: 21

ISBN: 9780870312656

Categories: Prestressed Concrete, Specifications

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This document is Historical