ACI-364.3R-09 Guide for Cementitious Repair Material Data Sheet

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ACI-364.3R-09 Guide for Cementitious Repair Material Data Sheet provides a guide to the protocol for testing and reporting of data for cementitious repair materials. It does not address all of the issues associated with material selection. It is the responsibility of the user of this document to determine the suitability of the repair material before use.


Chapter 1—Repair material description

Chapter 2—Definitions

Chapter 3—Composition

Chapter 4—Physical properties

Chapter 5—Hardened properties

Chapter 6—Packaging and storage

Chapter 7—Safety

Chapter 8—References


Author: ACI Committee 364

Publication Year: 2009

Pages: 12

ISBN: 9780870313240

Categories: Repair

Formats: Printed Document or PDF

High-Strength Concrete

Reinforcement in Concrete
Hydraulic Cements
Report on Soil Cement
Slag Cement
Installation of Cementitious
Reinforcement for Slabs
Stability of Cementitious
Concrete Reinforcement
Concrete Reinforcement
Concrete Structures
Cement-Based Plaster
Cementitious Products
Concrete Structures
Thin Cementitious Products
Asbestos-Cement Pressure
Cement; Lime; Gypsum
Fineness of Cement