ACI-305.1-14 Specification for Hot Weather Concreting

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ACI-305.1-14 Specification for Hot Weather Concreting provides requirements for hot weather concreting that the architect/engineer can apply to any construction project involving hot weather concreting by citing it in the project specification. Checklists are provided to assist the architect/engineer in supplementing the provisions of this reference specification as needed by designating or specifying customized project requirements. This specification includes hot weather requirements for production preparations, delivery, placement, finishing, bleed-water evaporation, curing, and concrete protection. Provisions governing a preplacement conference, concrete mixture proportions, maximum allowable concrete temperature, rate of surface evaporation measurements, evaporation control measures, and acceptance of a concrete mixture from past field experience or preconstruction testing are also included.

Section 1- General
Section 2- Products
Section 3- Execution
Notes to Specifier
General notes
Foreword to checklists
Appendix A
Example of Uno Equation used to determine surface evaporation rate of fresh concrete.
Appendix B
Example of NRMCA nomograph for estimating surface evaporation rate on the basis of menzel formula

Author: ACI Committee 305
Publication Year: 2014
Pages: 7
ISBN: 9780870319167
Categories: Hot Weather
Formats: Printed Document