ACI-224R-01 Control of Cracking in Concrete Structures (Reapproved 2008)

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The principal causes of cracking and recommended crack-control procedures are presented. The current state of knowledge in microcracking and fracture of concrete is reviewed. The control of cracking due to drying shrinkage and crack control in flexural members, overlays, and mass concrete construction are covered in detail. Long-term effects on cracking are considered and crack-control procedures used in construction are presented. Information is presented to assist in the development of practical and effective crack-control programs for concrete structures. Extensive references are provided.


Chapter 1--Introduction

Chapter 2--Crack mechanisms in concrete

Chapter 3--Control of cracking due to drying shrinkage

Chapter 4--Control of cracking in flexural members

Chapter 5--Long-term effects on cracking

Chapter 6--Control of cracking in concrete layered systems

Chapter 7--Control of cracking in mass concrete

Chapter 8--Control of cracking by correct construction practices

Chapter 9--References


Publication Year: 2001

Pages: 46

ISBN: 9780870310560

Categories: Cracking

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Effects on Cracking
Cracking of Concrete Members
Early-Age Cracking
Slow-Stable Cracking
Microscopic Cracking Processes
Hot cracking tests
Cracking of Carbon