ACI-201.2R-08: Guide to Durable Concrete

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ACI-201.2R-08: Guide to Durable Concrete describes specific types of concrete deterioration. Each chapter contains a discussion of the mechanisms involved and the recommended requirements for individual components of concrete, quality considerations for concrete mixtures, construction procedures, and influences of the exposure environment, which are all important considerations to ensure concrete durability.

This guide was developed for conventional concrete but is generally applicable to specialty concretes; however, specialty concretes, such as roller-compacted or pervious concrete, may have unique durability-related issues that deserve further attention that are not addressed herein. Readers should consult other ACI documents for more detailed information on special concretes of interest.


Chapter 1—Introduction and scope

Chapter 2—Notation and definitions

Chapter 3—Fresh concrete

Chapter 4—Freezing and thawing of concrete

Chapter 5—Alkali-aggregate reaction

Chapter 6—Chemical attack

Chapter 7—Corrosion of metals and other materials embedded in concrete

Chapter 8—Abrasion

Chapter 9—References

Appendix A—Method for preparing extract for analysis of water-soluble sulfate in soil


Author: ACI Committee 201

Publication Year: 2008

Pages: 49

ISBN: 9780870312847