IP-32552 Managing Factory Maintenance, Second Edition (CD-ROM) (Video Presentation)


IP-32552 Managing Factory Maintenance, Second Edition

Tap into Joel Levitt's vast array of experience and learn how to improve almost any aspect of your maintenance organization (including your own abilities)!Managing Factory Maintenance, Second Edition (CD-ROM in PDF) is a classic that educates readers about the globalization of production and the changing of the guard of maintenance leadership, and then gives them real usable ideas to aid in these areas. (Also available in Printed Book format)


Completely reorganized for the second edition, the material is presented within the context of major sections. Managing Factory Maintenance, Second Edition tells the story of maintenance management in factory settings. It provides coverage of potential problems and new opportunities, what bosses really want, specifics for improvement of maintenance and production, World Class Maintenance Management revisited and revised, quality improvement, complete coverage of current maintenance practices, processes, process aids, interfaces and strategies, as well as personal and personnel development strategies.



  • Contains a specialized glossary so users can more easily understand the 
    specialized language of factory maintenance.
  • Provides specific “how-to” tips and concrete techniques and examples for continuous improvement.
  • Updates the 20 steps to world class maintenance to include the 6 areas of focus for world class maintenance.
  • Includes a completely updated maintenance evaluation questionnaire that
    reflects new techniques and technologies.
  • Breaks down and explains the three-team approach to maintenance work.
  • Offers new sections on: managing shutdowns, craft training, and communications.
  • Contains major revisions to the RCM discussion and includes a new discussion about PMO.
Author: Joel Levitt
Date: 2005
Pages: 320 
Format: Digital CD - PDF
ISBN: 9780831132552