NFPA-59(15): Utility LP-Gas Plant Code

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NFPA-59(15): Utility LP-Gas Plant Code
Prevent fires and explosions. Work with up-to-date safety rules for LP-Gas utility gas plants in the 2015 edition of NFPA 59.

Used in conjunction with DOT regulations to construct and maintain LPG plants serving 10 or more customers or used to supply LP-Gas-Air mixtures to utility distribution systems, NFPA 59: Utility LP-Gas Plant Code applies to the design, construction, location, installation, operation, and maintenance of refrigerated and non-refrigerated liquefied petroleum gas utility gas plants. Coverage of liquefied petroleum gas systems at utility gas plants extends to the point where LP-Gas or a mixture of LP-Gas and air is introduced into the utility distribution system.

The 2015 NFPA 59 includes technical changes that impact most users:

  • Expanded coverage of corrosion control and monitoring in Chapter 12 aligns with federal regulations.
  • Revised method for sizing pressure relief devices for propane installations over 300 psig
  • New specific requirements for ventilation in buildings that house LP-Gas operations clarify the purpose and activation of the ventilation system to prevent the accumulation of flammable gas in the building.
  • Updated and clarified LP-Gas vaporizer requirements help ensure their safe installation and operation.

The 2015 edition of NFPA 59 is an essential resource.

Designers, facility owners/operators, and enforcers need NFPA 59 to ensure compliance with 49 CFR Part 192. Update now and stay in compliance. (Softbound, 45 pp., 2015)