NFPA-54(15): National Fuel Gas Code (Book)

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NFPA-54(15): National Fuel Gas Code (Book)
Ensure a safe fuel gas installation using the 2015 NFPA 54: National Fuel Gas Code.

NFPA 54: National Fuel Gas Code provides industry-accepted guidance for the safe installation and operation of fuel gas piping systems, appliances, equipment, and accessories. The 2015 edition includes updates based on recognized risks, recent research, and the techniques, materials, developments, and construction practices in use today. From design to installation, maintenance, and inspection -- no matter what aspect of fuel gas safety your job involves, the latest edition of NFPA 54 is essential.

Apply the 2015 NFPA 54 for confidence in CSST bonding.

Be sure you're working with current information on NFPA 54's bonding requirement for corrugated stainless steel tubing (CSST). All CSST used for fuel gas piping must be bonded to the building grounding system to prevent damage to the system due to nearby lightning strikes.

Other new safeguards impact contractors, installers, and code officials. For example, the revised sidewall venting distance separation from adjacent buildings and sidewalks responds to concerns about public safety.

Annexes provide a wealth of additional information such as:

  • Details on coordinating appliance and equipment design, construction, and maintenance -- including a design and construction checklist
  • Steps on checking for leakage and suggested emergency procedures for gas leaks

Never underestimate fuel gas dangers!

The National Fuel Gas Code provides the most effective means of ensuring fuel gas safety on consumers' premises. Update now for the latest pipe sizing tables; design requirements; installation provisions; inspection, testing, and purging requirements; and venting system rules that address fuel gas risks. (Softbound, 168 pp., 2015)